CEITEC Brno receives funding from Czech government on collaboration with FunGlass

FunGlass and the research group of Advanced Ceramic Materials of CEITEC BUT fulfil the common  Memorandum of Understanding (2017-2023) through the project “Development of functional ceramic and glass ceramic materials in collaboration with the Centre of Excellence FunGlass”. The main goal of the project is the strengthening of the cooperation between both Centres in the field of development of new transparent polycrystalline ceramic materials with luminescent properties, as well as development of new ceramic and glass/ceramic composite materials for structural and biomedical applications.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (the programme INTER-EXCELLENCE, the subprogramme INTER-TRANFER) and its coordinator is prof. RNDr. Karel Maca, Dr. (CEITEC BUT). The project will be solved in the years 2018 – 2022.

Project research topics:

  1. Development of technology for preparation of new transparent polycrystalline ceramics materials (Al2O3, ZrO2, MgAl2O4, SiAlON, KNN, etc.) doped with luminescence active elements (rare-earth and transition metal elements) with high emission intensity in visible and near infrared spectral region, and study of their optical and mechanical properties. These materials are very promising candidates for application in optics, medicine, informatics, telecommunication and biology.
  2. Development of new ceramic and glass–ceramic composites for structural and biomedicine applications. Due to the variety of internal structures of bone replacements to which material technology development is directed, three different approaches to the management of microstructure (freeze-casting, electrospinning, electrophoretic deposition) are proposed. The emphasis is placed on the biological and mechanical properties of prepared materials.
  3. Development of international cooperation based on mutual infrastructure use, sharing the scientific expertises, and strengthening the participation of young scientists in excellent international teams.