CEGLASS project – an important milestone reached: premises completed

The CEGLASS project (ITMS:313011R453) funded through the ERDF funds has reached one of the most important milestone. On 25th of July 2022 we have successfuly finished instalment of new modern infrastructure in the newly reconstrcuted premises of FunGlass laboratories at the Alexander Dubček University of Trencin. Building reconstruction of four floors on a total area of 1500m2 was carried out during the period July 2021 to July 2022.

The goal was to replace the old electric wiring, water piping, sewage and heating systems including new arrangement of rooms within building. New floors, wall and ceiling surfaces were implemented. A personal elevator was installed on the outside of the building, enabling access to scientific workplaces for immobile persons.

All work was aimed at the readiness of the building for the main delivery of the project: 38 pieces of modern laboratory equipment for several types of scientific workplaces. New laboratories were built, such as laboratory of correlative microscopy, laboratory of mechanical properties of materials, biolaboratory, laboratory of thermal analysis and others. New workplaces mainly focus on the research of chemical and mechanical properties of glass and ceramics.

We are very happy that after  12-month reconstruction period, when the scientists of the Funglass Center had to work in limited conditions, today, all the premises are prepared, the devices are operating and the building is approved by all authorities for usage. Funglass Centre is thus included among the top European research centers with the most modern laboratory equipment in the field of glass and ceramics research.

There is grand opening of whole facility on the plan, follow us for more info.

Good luck to Funglass team with the new equipment!