New researcher at Department of Coating:

It is a pleasure to welcome a new member of FunGlass team, Dr. Andressa Trentin, who is joining Department of Coating.

She received her Ph.D in Chemistry and Engineering Science from São State University (Brazil) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), respectively, in 2019 with the thesis “Structure and electrochemical properties of PMMA-silica hybrid coatings modified with cerium and lithium ions”, which was awarded with “highest honors”. The achievements of her Ph.D. contribute to the fields of sol-gel chemistry and protective coatings, in reason of: (1) providing in-depth structural information on sol-gel coatings by cutting-edge technologies; (2) tracking the evolution of physical parameters of barrier coatings through the modelling of electrochemical data; (3) developing high-performance passive and active coatings and, (4) elucidating self-healing mechanisms for natural or artificial coating failures, making PMMA-silica-(Li/Ce) coatings efficient candidates for future chromium-free technologies.

She joined Department of Coating. Her research focuses on corrosion protection by polymeric hybrid coatings, sol-gel synthesis, corrosion inhibition, self-healing coatings and electrochemical corrosion testing by local and conventional techniques.

Welcome Andressa!