Advancing Research Frontiers: Two FunGlass Stays Abroad Funded by JECS Trust Grant

We would like to congratulate our researcher Dr. Anastasiia Novokhatska and our PhD. student Onat Basak on receiving a JECS Trust grant for their research projects to be carried out in collaboration with the partner institution of their choice. Both are leaving in the first half of January and their stays will take 3 months.

JECS Trust approved Anastasiia´s mobility project titled “Design and manufacturing of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells components by 3D printing technologies” and will be carried out at the University of Padova in Italy. The project aims to study and develop advanced ceramics for SOFCs application by various additive manufacturing techniques. The overall idea is to study the effect of topological modifications of SOFC components by various 3D printing technologies on the electrochemical properties.

This project will be led under the supervision of prof. Enrico Bernardo, CERAMGLASS research  group, Department of Industrial Engineering, and prof. Antonella Glisenti, IMPACT research group, both at the University of Padova.

All papers related to the sponsored project will be submitied to the Open Ceramics journal.

Onat received funding for his project ”Effect of addition Ca(NO3)2 in the morphology of mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles obtained by microemulsion assisted sol-gel method” and will be supervised by Dr. Maria Yolanda Castro Martin from the host institution Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio ICV- CSIC, Spain. ICV is a strategic center of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). Its objective is to generate scientific knowledge in the field of ceramics and glass to transfer knowledge to the productive sector.

We express our sincere hope that our researchers will find both success and satisfaction throughout their stays and will continue to collaborate on their projects.