A grant on corrosion and weathering of tableware glass approved for funding by the VEGA grant agency

A grant No 1/0064/18 „Corrosion and weathering of tableware glass“ led by prof. Marek Liška from the VILA department has been approved for funding by the grant agency of the Ministry of education of the Slovak republic VEGA.  The corrosion of the tableware glass (especially in dishwashing machines in the large gastronomy) and weathering during the storage as well as during the oversea transport is from the actual point of view one of the most important questions of the glass producers economic competition. The main aim of the project is the study of composition – structure – property relationships of oxide glasses leading to the proposal of methodology enabling the prediction of glass resistance against corrosion and weathering. The methodology is established on the set of different glasses, with differences in chemical composition of the surface as well as in the bulk. The differences are justified with respect to thermodynamic modeling, surface tension measurement and surface composition analyses by progressive spectroscopic methods. Such obtained results should be put into correlation with glass corrosion and weathering process.