Our researcher in Ghent University laboratories

On the basis of bilateral agreement between Slovak Academy of Sciences and Research Foundation Flanders FWO /Belgium/, Dr. Anna Prnová (Joint Glass Centre Department) graduated a short internship in Ghent University laboratories (6th November-11th November 2017).

Ghent University belongs to most Top 100 universities and is one of the largest universities in Belgium. The university consists of 11 faculties and  offers a wide range of courses and conduct in-depth research within a wide range of scientific domains. During this stay, Dr. Prnová successfully prepared a few samples in system Al2O3– La2O3. These samples will be used for flame synthesis of glass microspheres and then will be characterized in laboratories of IIAC SAS in Slovakia. Also, during her visit Dr. Prnová gave the Belgium students and colleagues an invited lecture entitled: “Crystallization kinetics of yttrium-aluminate glasses”. We are grateful for the assistance received through the bilateral agreement and we look forward to  fruitful continuation of this active collaboration. The results of her stay will be presented at international scientific meetings and conferences and will be published in scientific journals.