Beáta Pecušová, PhD.

Scientific background: 

  • Preparation and characterisation of composite materials
  • Study of thermal behaviour of glasses, glassceramics and ceramics materials /DSC, DTA and TG
  • Study of thermo mechanical properties of advanced glass and ceramics materials
  • Treatment and initial testing of samples before thermal analysis

 International projects:

  • Centre for Functional and Surface Functionalized Glass: “FunGlass”, project number 739566, funded from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, 2017-2024 –  member of the research team

National projets:

    • Systematic study of the influence of corrosion factors on structural changes of glass used for biomedical purposes, č. 1/0021/23, VEGA  – member of the research team
    • Reference glasses for analysis of strategic raw materials, č. APVV-22-0062, APVV  – member of the research team
    • Centre for Functional and Surface Functionalized Glass: “CEGLASS”, ITMS code 313011R453, operational program Integrated Infrastructure, co-funded from European Regional Development Fund, 2019-2023 –  member of the research team
    • Progressive methods of recovery of selected types of waste – implementation of new teaching methods in the pedagogical process, č. 008TnUAD-4/2017,2017-2019,KEGA – member of the research team
    • Modification of progressive materials and composites by physical and chemical methods, č. 1/0589/17, 2017-2020,VEGA  – member of the research team
    • Optimization of material properties of truck tires depending on the propagation of the defect at their dynamic load, č. 1/0649/17, 2017-2019, VEGA – member of the research team

Publication activity: 

  • Publications in scientific journals: 18
  • Contributed lectures at conferences: 41
  • Citations: 21
  • Other types of publications: 24

The most significant publications:


  • Pecušová, A. Prnová, J. Valúchová, M. Parchovianský, R. Klement, D. Galusek: Crystallization and photoluminescence properties of Er-doped microspheres with ytterbium-aluminium garnet composition, Ceram. Int. 2023, 49 (9) Part B, 14895-14903, doi: 10.1016/j.ceramint.2022.08.070
  • Chromčíková, R. Svoboda, B. Hruška, B. Pecušová, A. Nowická: Thermo-kinetic and structural characterization of Ce-doped glasses based on Bioglass 45S5, Mater. Chem. Phys. 2023, 304, (127833), 1-9, doi:10.1016/j.matchemphys.2023.127833.
  • Majerová, A. Prnová,J. Kraxner, B. Pecušová, A. Plško, D. Galusek: Study of thermal properties and crystallization kinetics of Bi-doped 2CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses, J. Therm. Anal. Calorim. 2023, 148 (4), 1533-1541,  ISSN 1388-6150. doi:  10.1007/s10973-022-11614-y.


  • Chromčíková, R. Svoboda, B. Hruška, AA. Osipov, LM. Osipová, B. Pecušová, A. Nowická, M. Liška: Thermokinetic behavior of the Al2O3-PbO-B2O3 glasses, J. Non-Cryst. Solids. 2022, 576, (121230), 1-11, doi:10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2021.121230
  • Parchovianská, M. Parchovianský, B. Pecušová, O. Hanzel, A. Pakseresht: Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorite-Type La2Ce2O7 Plasma Sprayable Powder for TBCs Application, Materials 2022, 15, (4007) doi: 10.3390/ma15114007
  • Prnová, J. Valúchová, M. Michálková, B. Pecušová, M. Parchovianský, P. Švančárek, O. Hanzel, V. Pouchlý, D. Galusek: Pressure assisted sintering of Al2O3-Y2O3 glass microspheres: sintering conditions, grain size, and mechanical properties of sintered ceramics, Pure Appl. Chem. 2022, 94 (2), 157-167, ISSN 0033-4545. doi:  10.1515/pac-2021-0705
  • Chromčíková, R. Svoboda, B. Pecušová, B. Hruška, M. Hujová,  A. Nowická, M. Liška: Effect of lithium doping on the glass transition behavior of the Bioglass 45S5,  J. Non-Cryst. Solids. 2022, 594, (121797), 1-7, doi: 10.1016/j.jnoncrysol.2022.121797


  • MAJEROVÁ, A. PRNOVÁ, J. KRAXNER, B. PECUŠOVÁ, S. RANDÁKOVÁ, A. PLŠKO, D. GALUSEK: Determination of Physical Properties of Bi-Doped CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 Glasses. In: Measurement, 2021 – ISBN 978-80-972629-4-5. – ISBN (elektronické) 978-80-972629-5-2, s. 31-35
  • MAJEROVÁ, A. PRNOVÁ, J. KRAXNER, B. PECUŠOVÁ, S. RANDÁKOVÁ, A. PLŠKO, D. GALUSEK: Crystallization kinetics of Bi-doped 2CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses. In: CEEC-TAC6 & Medicta, 2021 – – ISBN 978-606-11-7861-2, s. 189-189
  • PECUŠOVÁ, S. ĎURIŠOVÁ, D. ONDRUŠOVÁ, Z. MIČICOVÁ, A. FERIANCOVÁ, S. BRIGANTOVÁ: The use of illite in function of filler applied in rubber blend. In: Mach. Model. Simul. 2021 – ISBN 978-80-553-3938-2, s. 80-80


  • Feriancová, B. Pecušová, M. Pajtášová: Using of wood ash as the alternative filler for preparation of rubber mixtures, IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 2020, 776, 1-12, ISSN 1757-8981. doi:10.1088/1757-899X/776/1/012087


  • Feriancová, M. Pajtášová, B. Pecušová, D. Ondrušová:  The effect of modified Cu(II) kaolin on interactions with rubberizing components, Appl. Clay Sci. 2019,  183, (105313), 1-9, ISSN 0169-1317. doi: 10.1016/j.clay.2019.105313
  • VAVRO, J. Jr. VAVRO, M. KIANICOVÁ, B. PECUŠOVÁ: Numerical modal analysis of the turbo-jet engine rotor blades. In: Manuf. Technol. 2019 – ISSN 1213-2489. – Roč. 19, č. 6 s. 1067-1070


  • Pecušová, M. Pajtášová, Z. Mičicová, D. Ondrušová, A. Feriancová, M. Kohutiar, I. Labaj: Study of clay minerals effect on curing characteristics of polymer blends and physical-mechanical properties of prepared vulcanizates, MATEC Web Conf. 2018, 157, 1-8, ISSN 2261-236X.Spôsobprístupu: doi:10.1051/matecconf/201815707010

Doctoral studies:

Study part: Profile subjects:

Inorganic technologies and materials II


Thermal analysis I,


    2015 – 2019        PhD.  The influence of aluminum silicate and modified forms on the properties of composite materials

Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Púchov, Alexander Dubcek University of Trenčín

    2013 – 2015   Engineering degree (Ing.) Influence of modified clay minerals on the curing characteristics of the polymer blends and physical-mechanical properties of prepared vulcanizates

Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Púchov, Alexander Dubcek University of Trenčín

    2010 – 2013     Bachelor degree (Bc.) Ecologization of polymeric materials using modified clay minerals

Faculty of Industrial Technologies in Púchov, Alexander Dubcek University of Trenčín

 Research stays:

  • Summer school of thermal analysis and calorimetry – Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Ing. Beáta Pecušová, PhD
Ing. Beáta Pecušová, PhD
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