Hossein Ebrahim Hosseini

Hossein Ebrahim Hosseini attained his MSc. degree in NANOSCIENCE AND NANOENGEERING from Sakarya University, Turkey in Feb. 2018. Last year of his master’s education, thanks to his participation in the Turkey Erasmus Programme and Erasmus+ in Sakarya University, he joined the FiCMA-FiCNA group of Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV), Spain in 2016. During the internship period, he worked in close cooperation with Dr. Maria Cinta Pujol Baiges and Dr. Joan Josep Carvajal Martí and experienced a variety of subjects including the modified sol-gel Pechini method, XRD analysis, TEM analysis, Optical Stuffs, Lasers, Luminescence Spectroscopy, etc. His thesis was accomplished under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hatem AKBULUT which is titled as “Synthesis and characterization of Yb3+-doped Y3AL5O12 nanocrystals to develop an absolute luminescent thermometer“.

Following graduation, for the sake of his highest interest in science, he found the opportunity to apply in 2020 as a PhD Student at FunGlass to work on the Novel Phosphor Compounds.

Dissertation topic: Novel phophors for NIR mechanoluminescence and biomechanical imaging

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Róbert Klement, PhD., FunGlass, Slovakia

Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ing. Lothar Wondraczek, OSIM, Germany

Department: Department of Functional Materials

Beginning of study: December 2020

Date of dissertation exam: TBA

Inorganic technologies and materials I and Inorganic technologies and materials II

Hossein Ebrahim Hosseini, MSc.
Hossein Ebrahim Hosseini, MSc.
PhD. student

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