Garima Thakur

Garima Thakur completed her bachelor’s degree in Physics at the University of Delhi, India, in 2017. She then pursued her MSc in Physics at Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, India, graduating in 2019. Her masters thesis focused on investigating the mechanical properties of zirconia-reinforced lithium disilicate glass ceramics, deepening her interest in the realm of glass materials.

Garima believes that undertaking a Ph.D. program at FunGlass would be an exceptional and noteworthy step, providing her with exciting opportunities to explore new areas in her academic journey.

Dissertation topic: Additive Manufacturing of Optically Transparent Glass Structures for Next-Gen Sensing, Optical and Photonic Applications

Supervisor: Dr. A. Dasan, FunGlass, Slovakia

Co-supervisor: Prof. E. Bernardo, UNIPD Padova, Italy; Dr. J. Kraxner, FunGlass, Slovakia

Department: Department of Glass Processing

Beginning of study: 09.10.2023

Date of dissertation exam: TBA

Garima Thakur
Garima Thakur
PhD student

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