Si Chen, PhD.

Scientific background:

Surface modification of biomaterials, polyphenol chemistry, sol-gel methods, flame synthesis, conventional melt quenching method, bioactive glasses, nanoparticles, microspheres, hydrogels, drug-eluting coatings, vascular endothelialisation, anticoagulation, immunomodulation, bone regeneration, angiogenesis, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory


  • VEGA 1/0098/19       Multi-layered bioglass structures for regenerative medicine prepared by tape casting and lamination. 2019-2022. Deputy of the project leader.
  • SK-CN-21-0022          Multifunctional bioactive coatings for Ti- and Zr- based dental implants. 2022-2023. Participant.
  • APVV-20-0322           Nanostructured, functionally graded, and bioinspired 3D Ti-based implants. 2021-2025. Participant.

Publication activity:

  • 15 Publications in scientific journals
  • 4 Contributed lectures at conferences
  • 280 Citations

The most significant publications:


  • Vargas-Osorio, Z., Ruther, F., Chen, S., Sengupta, S., Liverani, L., Michálek, M., Galusek, D., Boccaccini, A. R. Environmentally friendly fabrication of electrospun nanofibers made of polycaprolactone, chitosan and κ-carrageenan (PCL/CS/κ-C). Biomedical Materials, 2022, 17(4), 045019.
  • Mahmoud, M., Kraxner, J., Kaňková, H., Hujová, M., Chen, S., Galusek, D., Bernardo, E. Porous Glass Microspheres from Alkali-Activated Fiber Glass Waste. Materials, 2022, 15(3), 1043.


  • Wekwejt, M., Chen, S., Kaczmarek-Szczepańska, B., Nadolska, M., Łukowicz, K., Pałubicka, A., Michno A., Osyczka A. M., Michálek M., Zieliński, A. Nanosilver-loaded PMMA bone cement doped with different bioactive glasses–evaluation of cytocompatibility, antibacterial activity, and mechanical properties. Biomaterials science, 2021, 9(8), 3112-3126.
  • Kurtuldu, F., Mutlu, N., Michálek, M., Zheng, K., Masar, M., Liverani, L., Chen S., Galusek D., Boccaccini, A. R. Cerium and gallium containing mesoporous bioactive glass nanoparticles for bone regeneration: Bioactivity, biocompatibility and antibacterial activity. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 2021, 124, 112050.
  • Si Chen, Jozef Kraxner, Martin Michálek, Dušan Galusek. The effect of alkali activation on the porosity of 45S5 bioactive glass microspheres. 31st Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) together with the 43rd Annual Congress of the Iberian Society of Biomechanics and Biomaterials (SIBB), 5-9 September, 2021, Fully virtual, Porto, Portugal, Oral, N09-09.


  • Si Chen, Dagmar Galusková, Hana Kaňková, Kai Zheng, Martin Michálek, Liliana Liverani, Dušan Galusek, Aldo R. Boccaccini. Electrospun PCL Fiber Mats Incorporating Multi-Targeted B and Co Co-Doped Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles for Angiogenesis. Materials. 2020, 13(18): 4010.
  • Si Chen, Martin Michálek, Dagmar Galusková, Monika Michálková, Peter Švančárek, Ali Talimian, Hana Kaňková, Jozef Kraxner, Kai Zheng, Liliana Liverani, Dušan Galusek, Aldo R. Boccaccini. Multi-targeted B and Co co-doped 45S5 bioactive glass with angiogenic potential for bone regeneration. Materials Science and Engineering: C. 2020: 110909.


  • Si Chen, Sheng Zhao, Meiyun Chen, Xuan Zhang, Jiang Zhang, Xin Li, Hao Zhang, Xiaolong Shen, Jin Wang, Nan Huang. The anticorrosion mechanism of phenolic conversion coating applied on magnesium implants. Applied Surface Science, 2019, 463: 953-967.
  • Si Chen, Martin Michálek, Dagmar Galusková, Monika Michálková, Peter Švančárek, Ali Talimian, Hana Kaňková, Jozef Kraxner, Liliana Liverani, Dušan Galusek, Aldo R. Boccaccini. Development and characterization of B and Co ions co-doped 45S5 bioactive glass for possible use in angiogenesis. 30th annual conference of the European society for biomaterials together with the 26th annual conference of the German society for biomaterials, 9-13 September, 2019, Dresden, Germany, Oral, I-SY1-03


  • Xin Li, Fangyu Shen, Kebing Wang, Shuang Lin, Lei Zhou, Si Chen, Jin Wang, Nan Huang. Endothelial mimetic multifunctional surfaces fabricated: Via polydopamine mediated copper immobilization. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2018, 6(46): 7582-7593.


  • Xin Li, Jinchuan Deng, Shuheng Yuan, Rifang Luo, Si Chen, Jin Wang, Nan Huang. Fabrication of endothelial progenitor cell capture surface via DNA aptamer modifying dopamine/polyethyleneimine copolymer film. Applied Surface Science. 2016, 386: 138-150.


  • Si Chen, Jiang Zhang, Yingqi Chen, Sheng Zhao, Meiyun Chen, Xin Li, Manfred F Maitz, Jin Wang, Nan Huang. Application Of Phenol/Amine Copolymerized Film Modified Magnesium Alloys: Anticorrosion And Surface Bio-functionalization. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2015, 7(44): 24510-24522.
  • Xin Li, Shuheng Yuan, Si Chen, Rifang Luo, Kaiqin Xiong, Jin Wang, Zhi Lu Yang, Nan Huang. Proliferation and Functionality of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells on Angiopoietin-1 Immobilized 316L Stainless Steel. Journal of Materials Chemistry B. 2015, 3(44): 8717-8728.
  • Jiang Zhang, Yang Liu, Rifang Luo, Si Chen, Xin Li, Shuheng Yuan, Jin Wang, Nan Huang. In vitro hemocompatibility and cytocompatibility of dexamethasone-eluting PLGA stent coatings. Applied Surface Science. 2015, 328: 154-162.


  • Si Chen, Xin Li, Zhilu Yang, Shuo Zhou, Rifang Luo, Manfred F. Maitz, Yuancong Zhao, Jin Wang, Kaiqin Xiong, Nan Huang. A simple one-step modification of various materials for introducing effective multi-functional groups. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces. 2014, 113: 125-133.
  • Pengkai Qi, Si Chen, Tao Liu, Jialong Chen, Zhilu Yang, Yajun Weng, Junying Chen, Jin Wang, Manfred F. Maitz, Nan Huang. New strategies for developing cardiovascular stent surfaces with novel functions. Biointerphases. 2014, 9(2): 029017.
  • Si Chen, Jiang Zhang, YingQi Chen, Jin Wang, Nan Huang. Simple one-step deposition of polyphenolic copolymer films on the surface of magnesium alloys for anticorrosion and functionalization. 4th International Colloids Conference, Surface Design and Engineering, 15-18 June, 2014, Madrid, Spain, Poster, P1.64.


  • Si Chen, Zhilu Yang, Jin Wang. Co-polymerization of hexamethylenediamine (HD) and Gallic acid (GA) to prepare multifunctional coatings. The 4th Asian Biomaterials Congress, 26-29 June, 2013, Hong Kong, China, Oral, CD4.


  • Zhilu Yang, Jin Wang, Rifang Luo, Xin Li, Si Chen, Hong Sun, Nan Huang. Improved hemocompatibility guided by pulsed plasma tailoring the surface amino functionalities of TiO2 coating for covalent immobilization of heparin. Plasma Processes and Polymers. 2011, 8(9): 850-858.

Doctoral studies:

Study part: Profile subjects:

Inorganic technologies and materials II


Sol-gel and Surface modification of nanoparticles

Scientific part:

Supervisor of PhD. students

Experimental work I-IX, Publication activity I and II, Active participation in a conference I and II


  • 2007: B.S., Pharmaceutical Engineering, School of pharmacy, Southwest Jiaotong University, China. Title of the thesis: Preliminary Study on Extraction Technology and Antioxidant Activity in vitro of Gastrodia elata Polysaccharide.
  • 2009: M.S., Biomedical Engineering, Key Lab. of Advanced Technology for Materials of Education Ministry, Southwest Jiaotong University, China. Master-PhD successive program.
  • 2015: Ph.D., Material Science, Key Lab. of Advanced Technology for Materials of Education Ministry, Southwest Jiaotong University, China. Title of the thesis: Polydopamine-like coating — preparation and performance of gallic acid/hexamethelinediamine copolymerized film.

Awards, scholarships and research stays:

  • NUST „MISiS“ International Competition for Grants (The open international grant competition of National University of Science and Technology «MISiS» designed to support Young scientists), 2017, Winner.
Dr. Si Chen
Dr. Si Chen
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