Montpellier, France
Montpellier, France

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02 Jul 2018 - 07 Jul 2018


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ICG Summer School 2018

The International Commission on Glass (ICG) will host its 10th ICG Summer School workshop. This glass science workshop will provide an overview of key fundamentals in glass science for young scientists and Ph-D students. The workshop will be composed of two interwoven threads.

The first will overview fundamentals in glass emphasising structure-property relationships, experimental techniques and material simulations. Specific properties, their structural dependence and applications will be discussed e.g. optical behaviour, transport phenomena, nucleation and crystallisation, and strength. The second thread will focus on bioglasses.  A more complete programme will  be published later (March 2018).

The lecturers will be world experts in their fields.  A significant aspect of the workshop will be student-centred projects that will help participants to develop their understanding by applying what they know to specific issues.

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