Department of Biomaterials has new member

That´s pleasure to announce that FunGlass team has new member- Dr. Eduin Ivan González Castillo from Mexico. He received his PhD in Polymer Science and Technology from the Menendez Pelayo International University in collaboration with the Spanish National Research Council (Spain), and joined to the Department of Biomaterials at FunGlass Centre in 2019 after concluding a postdoctoral stay at the Institute of Biomaterials of the Friedrich–Alexander University (Germany). Although his experience and expertise include the mathematical modelling and computer simulation of the mechanical response of polymers, his recent research has centred on the development and characterisation of hybrid nanocomposites based on polymer matrices, with special emphasis on correlating the fundamental microstructure characteristics with the final properties. In this respect, he has applied characterization techniques such as infrared microspectroscopy with synchrotron radiation, and collaborated in the commissioning of beamline BL01-MIRAS at ALBA synchrotron (Spain).