Reza Samiee

Reza Samiee has completed his undergraduate education in polymer engineering at Amirkabir university of technology. He has pursued his master under supervision of Dr. Ramezanzadeh and Dr. Mahdavian.  The variety of novel works seriously carried out in the institute were aligned with his interests. They have worked on the synthesis approaches and functionalizing of graphene-based materials and also the properties and application of these 2D materials. He defended his thesis with the title of “Hybrid sol-gel based smart coatings for anti-corrosive applications by the incorporation of functionalized graphene oxide nano-sheets”. He also have the chance to cooperate with his supervisors in their following industrial and academic works.

These two years’ courses further fired his enthusiasm for a professional career. He believes that his skills and experiences will allow him to complete a larger scale project like a PhD effectively. After reading the PhD topic and its description in FG website, He found a chance to follow his education which was completely matched with his academic background and interest.

Dissertation topic: Surface modification of NiTi alloy by coating silicon-hydroxyapatite composite layers intended for biomedical applications

Supervisor: Dr. Amirhossein Pakseresht

Co-supervisor:  Dr. Yolanda Castro

Department:  Coating Processes

Beginning of study: December 2021

List of publications:

  • Samiee, R., Ramezanzadeh, B., Mahdavian, M., & Alibakhshi, E. (2018). Corrosion Inhibition Performance and Healing Ability of a Hybrid Silane Coating in the Presence of Praseodymium (III) Cations. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 165(11), C777-C786.
  • Samiee, R., Ramezanzadeh, B., Mahdavian, M., & Alibakhshi, E. (2019). Assessment of the smart self-healing corrosion protection properties of a water-base hybrid organo-silane film combined with non-toxic organic/inorganic environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors on mild steel. Journal of Cleaner Production.
  • Samiee, R., Ramezanzade, B., Mahdavian, M., Alibakhshi, E., & Bahlakeh, G. (2019). Graphene oxide nano-sheets loading with praseodymium cations: Adsorption-desorption study, quantum mechanics calculations and dual active-barrier effect for smart coatings fabrication. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.
  • Samiee, R., Ramezanzadeh, B., Mahdavian, M., & Alibakhshi, E. (2020). “Designing a non-hazardous nano-carrier based on graphene oxide@Polyaniline-Praseodymium (III) for fabrication of the Active/Passive anti-corrosion coating”, Journal of Hazardous Materials.
  • Samiee, R., Montazeri, S., Ramezanzadeh, B., & Mahdavian, M. (2022). Ce-MOF nanorods/aluminum hydroxide (AlTH) synergism effect on the fire-retardancy/smoke-release and thermo-mechanical properties of a novel thermoplastic acrylic intumescent composite coating. Chemical Engineering Journal, 428, 132533.

Participation in projects:

Research study on acquiring the technical knowledge of  fabrication of an intumescent fire retardant coating.

Other professional activities:

R&D Manager at Nanotech Fam Giti Co. Tehran, Iran.  From April 2021 – Present:

  • Nano Poshan (MPA4-20) water-borne Refractory coating
  • Water-borne Heat Insulating acrylic paint
  • Fire retardant intumescent coating
  • Self-polishing Anti-fouling paint

 Inspector of National Iranian Gas Company, Sanjesh Poshesh Daghigh Co. From Sep 2019 – june 2021.

 R&D Engineer, Atlas Protecting Coating Co. Tehran, Iran. April 2018 – April 2021.

Inorganic technologies and materials I and Inorganic technologies and materials II


Experimental mechanics, Nanomaterials for biomedical applications

Reza Samiee, MSc.
Reza Samiee, MSc.
PhD student

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