Onat Başak

I have earned my Bachelor of Science in Metalurgical and Materials Engineering in 2018 from Yildiz Techincal University (YTU). During my B.Sc study, I have spent 5 months in University of Silesia as an exchange student in frame of Erasmus+ Mobility programme. I have also earned my Master of Science in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in 2020 from Yildiz Techincal University (YTU). My M.Sc thesis was based on investigating correlation between electrical and structural properties for heavy metal oxide (HMO) glasses.

Apart from my academic research, I also have part-time work experience in events, concerts, festivals and meetings for 5 years as organization member. In some occasions, I have supervised my crew.

Dissertation topic: Structure and properties of bioactive glasses doped with ions with potential therapeutic and antibacterial effects

Supervisor: Doc. Ing. Mária Chromčíková, PhD.

Co-supervisor: Ing. Martin Michálek, PhD.

Department: Joint Glass Centre (Vitrum Laugaricio – VILA)

Beginning of study: 27.09.2021

Date of dissertation exam:

Conference Paper

Başak O., Gedikoğlu N., Kıbrıslı O., Çelikbilek Ersundu M., Ersundu A.E., “Comparative Study on Structural and Electrical Properties of TeO2 and Sb2O3-Based Glasses”, 25th International Congress on Glass (ICG 2019), Boston, Masschusetts, 9-14 June 2019

Participation in projects:

  • The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)- Research Project No: 116M210, “Investigation of the Effect of Structural Changes on the Electrical Properties of Transition Metal Oxide Doped Heavy Metal Oxide Glasses”, Research Asisstant, (2018-2020)
  • Yildiz Technical University (YTU) Scientific Research Fund- Research Project No: FYL-2019-3537, “Investigation of Electrical and Structural Properties in Transition Metal Oxide Containing Tellurite and Antimonite Glasses”, Research Asisstant, (2019-2020)

Other professional activities:

  • Course Completion Certificate, ISMEK Photo Shooting, 2014
  • UCTEA Chamber of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering – Member

Testing of Technical Materials- FŠT

Onat Başak
Onat Başak
E-mail: onat.basak@tnuni.sk
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