Eva Vidomanová, PhD.

Scientific background:

– biomedical research with focus on molecular and genetic changes in cancer cells and stem cells

– study of new biomaterials usage in cancer treatment and regenerative medicine

– biological testing of materials, bioactivity, biocompatibility, cytocompatibility, biodegradability and bioresorbability, as well as cell-material interactions, antitumor, osteogenic, angiogenic and antibacterial activity

Laboratory Methods: cultivation of cell lines and tissue cells, cell phenotyping and sorting by flow cytometry, isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins (tissue, peripheral blood, cell lines), PCR, quantitative real-time PCR, analysis of gene polymorphisms, Western blot, ELISA, cell viability tests, microscopy techniques – optical, fluorescence microscopy, assessment of karyotype (conventional, G-banding, C-banding)


National projects:

VEGA 1/0178/17 Characterization and proteomic analysis of dental stem cells and their differentiated cells, co-investigator

APVV-15-0217 The molecular mechanisms of the statins effect on inhibition, proliferation and differentiation of selected stem and tumor cells and their application in regenerative, co-investigator

VEGA 1/0242/13 Metabolism of homocysteine in human brain cells, co-investigator

APVV-0224-12 Modulation and detection of inner apoptotic pathway in cancer cells to chemoresistance reversing, co-investigator

UK/398/2012 Molecular analysis of selected gene regions of patients with neuroendocrine tumor, principal investigator

Publication activity:

15 publications in scientific journals (Scopus)

8 other types of publications

49 contibutions at conferences

390+ citations (Scopus)

 The most significant publications:


  •  Vidomanová Eva, Majerčíková Zuzana, Dibdiaková Katarína, Pilchová Ivana, Račay Peter, Hatok Jozef. The effect of temozolomide on apoptosis-related gene expression changes in glioblastoma cells. Bratisl Lek Listy, 2022, 123(4):236-243.


  • Škovierová Henrieta, Vidomanová Eva, Škoviera Miroslav, Tothová Barbara, Halašová Erika, Strnádel Ján. Circulating tumor cells in lung carcinogenesis: minireview. Neoplasma, 2019, 66(1):1-7.


  • Škovierová Henrieta, Okajčeková Terézia, Strnádel Ján, Vidomanová Eva*, Halašová Erika. Molecular regulation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in tumorigenesis (Review). International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 2018, 41(3), 1187-1200. *corresponding author
  • Strnádel Ján, Wang Huawei, Carromeu Cassiano, Miyanohara Atsushi, Fujimura Ken, Blahovcová Eva, Nosáľ Vladimír, Škovierová Henrieta, Klemke Richard, Halašová Erika. Transplantation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neural Precursors into Early-Stage Zebrafish Embryos. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, 2018, 65(3):351-358.


  • Sopková Janka, Vidomanová Eva*, Strnádel Ján, Škovierová Henrieta, Halašová Erika. The role of statins as therapeutic agents in cancer. General Physiology and Biophysics, 2017, 36(5), 501-511. *corresponding author
  • Pilchová Ivana, Kľačanová Katarína, Dibdiaková Katarína, Saksonová Simona, Štefaniková Andrea, Vidomanová Eva, Lichardusová Lucia, Hatok Jozef, Račay Peter. Proteasome Stress Triggers Death of SH-SY5Y and T98G Cells via Different Cellular Mechanisms. Neurochemical Research, 2017, 42(11), 3170-3185.
  • Fialková Veronika, Vidomanová Eva, Balhárek Tomáš, Marcinek Juraj, Kúdela Erik, Hanyšová Sandra, Višňovský Jozef, Dobrota Dušan, Hatok Jozef. DNA methylation as mechanism of apoptotic resistance development in endometrial cancer patients. General Physiology and Biophysics, 2017, 36(5), 521-529.
  • Murín Radovan, Vidomanová Eva, Kowtharapu S Bhavani, Hatok Jozef, Dobrota Dušan. Role of S-adenosylmethionine cycle in carcinogenesis. General Physiology and Biophysics, 2017, 36(5), 513-520.


  • Vidomanová Eva, Račay Peter, Pilchová Ivana, Halašová Erika, Hatok Jozef. Microfluidic profiling of apoptosis-related genes after treatment with BH3-mimetic agents in astrocyte and glioblastoma cell lines. Oncology reports, 2016, 36(6), 3188-3196.
  • Blahovcová Eva, Škovierová Henrieta, Strnádel Ján, Mištuna Dušan, Halašová Erika. Apoptosis in cancer cells. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 2016, 472, 207-213.
  • Škovierová Henrieta, Vidomanová Eva*, Mahmood Silvia, Sopková Janka, Drgová Anna, Červeňová Tatiana, Halašová Erika, Lehotský Ján. The Molecular and Cellular Effect of Homocysteine Metabolism Imbalance on Human Health. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016, 17(10), E1733. *corresponding author
  • Čapláková Veronika, Babušíková Eva, Blahovcová Eva, Balharek Tomáš, Zeliesková Mária, Hatok Jozef. DNA methylation machinery in the endometrium and endometria l cancer. Anticancer Research, 2016, 36(9), 4407-4420.


  • Blahovcová Eva, Richterová Romana, Kolarovszki Branislav, Dobrota Dušan, Račay Peter, Hatok Jozef. Apoptosis-related gene expression in tumor tissue samples obtained from patients diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme. International Journal of Molecular Medicine, 2015, 36(6), 1677-1684.
  • Škovierová Henrieta, Mahmood Silvia, Blahovcová Eva, Hatok Jozef, Lehotský Ján, Murín Radovan. Effect of homocysteine on survival of human glial cells. Physiological Research, 2015, 64(5), 747-754.
  • Hatok Jozef, Blahovcová Eva, Škovierová Henrieta, Murín Radovan. The biologically active phospholipids isolated from egg yolk increasing cytotoxic effect of temozolomide on human glioblastoma cells /Biologicky aktívne fosfolipidy izolované z vaječného žĺtka zvyšujú cytotoxický účinok temozolomidu na bunky ľudského glioblastómu. Klinicka Farmakologie a Farmacie, 2015, 29(3), 108-112.

Doctoral studies:

Study part: Profile subjects:

Inorganic technologies and materials II


Nanomaterials for biomedical applications

Scientific part:

Supervisor of PhD. students

Experimental work I-IX, Publication activity I and II, Active participation in a conference I and II


2011 – 2015 PhD. in Medical, Clinical and Pharmaceutical Biochemistry,

Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava,

PhD. thesis: Apoptosis signaling pathway significance in chemoresistance development of tumour cells

2009 – 2010 Rigorous Examination in Biology – Cytology,

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava,

Rigorous thesis: Cytogenetic monitoring of cell response to X-rays irradiation in vitro

2007 – 2009 Master of Science in Biology – Cytology – with honors,

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava,

State exam in Special cytology, Cytophysiology and Molecular biology

2004 – 2007 Bachelor of Science in Biology,

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava

2009 – 2011 Additional Pedagogical Study,

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University in Bratislava – Department of Didactics in Science, Psychology and Pedagogy


Trainings and research stays:

2015 Certificated training for flow cytometry and cell sorting with BD FACS Aria system, BD Biosciences, Erembodegem, Belgium

2016 Professional qualification for laboratory work with toxic substances, Regional Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic, Žilina, Slovakia

2016 Laboratory animal experimentation course (2010/63/EU), Institute of postgraduate education of veterinary surgeons, Košice, Slovakia

2014 International Scientific Summer School: A practicum for doing and enjoying biomedical research, Trakya University Edirne, Enese, Turkey

Other activities:

From 2022 Committee for Quality Evaluation of Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín, Reporter and Member of work group 16. Chemical engineering and technologies

2013 – 2020 Member of the organizing committee of Student Scientific Conference, Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava

RNDr. Eva Vidomanová, PhD.
RNDr. Eva Vidomanová, PhD.
Department of Biomaterials

E-mail: eva.vidomanova@tnuni.sk
Tel.: +421 32 7400 525
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