Lecture by Prof. Bernardo from University of Padova

We were honored to host Professor Enrico Bernardo, who gave a lecture “Glass ceramics from new precursors: from alkali-activated materials to preceramic polymers” in person at the Student Center of our university on August 24.

Enrico Bernardo is an associate professor of Materials Science and Technology at the University of Padova, Department of Industrial Engineering and belongs among the advanced partners of FunGlass. His research interests include the upcycling of industrial waste in the manufacturing of glass-based products and the development of advanced bioceramics from novel processing and/or novel raw materials (including preceramic polymers). In particular, he focuses on the following areas of research:

– Development of monolithic and porous glass-ceramics from inorganic waste and/or recycled glasses

– Development of silicate ceramics from preceramic polymers and oxide fillers – Additive manufacturing of glass-ceramic scaffolds

During the visit professor Bernardo participated in our PhD minimum thesis exams and final dissertation thesis defense as a co- supervisor.