FunGlass Seminar: First-Year PhD Students Deliver Research Presentations

An internal FunGlass seminar for first-year PhD students was held on July 2, 2024. The students presented their research results, followed by a discussion. The topics covered were diverse:

  • D. Jaramillo: Development of novel bone filler composites with enhanced bioactivity and biological response
  • G. Thakur: Investigation into viscous flow sintering of glass powders for additive manufacturing applications
  • M. Waqar: Upcycling of waste glass into porous ceramics for the degradation of organic pollutants from wastewater
  • M. Dua: Additive manufacturing of advanced porous and photocatalytic glass ceramic wastewater purifying membrane filters
  • B. Khan: Rare-earth doped oxyfluoride glass and glass-ceramics: Synthesis and optical properties
  • S. Gupta: Near zero-thermal-quenching phosphors for NUV-converted w-LEDs
  • M. Ghaffari: Al-doped ZnO thin films by sol-gel dip-coating
  • M. Babaei: High-entropy fluorite-pyrochlore structured rare-earth oxides with low thermal conductivities as promising thermal barrier coatings

The first block of lectures was chaired by Dr. Diana Lago, while Dr. Gustavo Galeani chaired the second block. All contributions will be published in the Book of Abstracts.

Many thanks to all for the excellent presentations and to the audience for their engaging questions.