Katarína Heglasová

In 2012 I have graduated from Commenius University – Faculty of Natural Science in Bratislava. My area of expertise was aimed on Radioecology (Nuclear Chemistry). Thesis for my diploma work was Adsorption of cobalt-60 on slovak bentonites. This work was to describe sorption characteristics of bentonites while used as a barrier in nuclear waste disposal system. For my experiments I used clay minerals from 3 different localities in Slovakia.

Since my graduation I worked in few different areas. Right after school my attention was focused on pharmaceutical industry and I was hired by State institute for drug control as a reviewer of chemical quality for radiopharmaceutical preparations where I took part on Pharmacopoeia training held in Strasbourg EDQM (part of Council of Europe). My second job was also in line with my studied background. I worked for Henkel as a Regulatory Specialist assessing hazardous classification of chemical compounds used in production. Since 2017-2020 my job was not related with chemistry or science in any way.

In 2021 I decided to apply for PhD position within Funglass (Alexander Dubček University). I am looking forward to broaden my scientific mind and explore new areas in field of material science.

Dissertation topic: Study of surface morphology and characterization of corrosive products of industrially produced glasses

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Mária Chromčíková, PhD.

Co-supervisor: Ing. Branislav Hruška, PhD.

Department: Vitrum Laugaricio – Joint Glass Centre

Beginning of study: September 2021

Date of dissertation exam: TBA

Katarína Heglasová
Katarína Heglasová
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